Old dropbox folders

I completely removed an old shared dropbox folder and created a new one with the same name. PythonAnywhere added the new folder fine, but appended a " (1)" at the end, and I'm not sure how to get to that folder via bash. The old cards folder is still there according to my files page, but it is empty. If I try a command along the lines of 'cd foldername (1)', I still get sent to the old cards folder.

1.) What is the correct way to get to the new folder? 2.) Is there a way I can removed the old folder at all? I'm guessing since consoles can be shared, I won't be able to use bash. There is no option to remove the dropbox folder on my files page.

I hope I'm not overlooking something obvious here.


That's actually a rough edge in the way that we handle unsharing, It is us trying to err on the side of caution in regards to deleting user data but getting to this state is quite inelegant. Do you want to drop me (using the Send Feedback link) and let me know how you want it resolved? I would recommend that we clear the two folders down, cancel the shares and then re share.

Just as a general bit of info, when you are working with files on the command line that include a space you can use a backslash to escape it. If your directory was called example (1) then you could ls it like this:

ls example\ \(1\)/

That may look complicated but all you actually need to type is 'example\ ' and hit TAB. The terminal will autocomplete the rest for you.