How to get my GoDaddy domain name to point to my PAW site?

I've read around a little but still have only a minimal understanding of what's going on.

I've set GoDaddy's 'www' option to '<username>', and have probably waited 48 hours now which I think is the propagation time they suggest. Yet the web address still takes me to the GoDaddy holding page.

I'd assumed I would need to change the nameservers at the GoDaddy end - but I've no idea what values to make them point to. Can anyone help?

Hi there,

Looking through our database it seems that you have setup a web app for the naked domain. That means. You left off the www part. I've made that change in our database. And if you now visit the domain with www at the beginning it redirects properly.

Oh I see. Thank you - that distinction hadn't crossed my mind.

How would I go about getting both the naked domain and the www pointing to the same place?

This came up in another recent post - hopefully that thread will help. If you still have questions, ask away.

Fantastic, thanks.

Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but Can you check to see if the same issue is with mine? I set the www CNAME(Alias) to my site but it doesn't work. It says "Unconfigured Domain This website is hosted by PythonAnywhere, but has not been set up yet."

Hi there -- you need to create a new web app specifically for your domain -- the one you have right now is just for only. There are instructions on setting up new one to mirror that app here.