Emacs version 24

I recently cloned the emacs repository of jessica hamrick. She already moved to emacs 24 while the current version on PAW is still 23. The two versions differ in a major shift in how themes are loaded. Thus I get an error when using a 24 repository on a 23 emacs version. While I am sure to fix this I just wonder if it is worth the effort, since the shift to 24 is only a matter of time. Do you have plans to upgrade the version in the nearer time? Also I would like to know how version upgrades are handled. Some libraries are a bit old. Is there a possibility to install newer versions on ones own risk? What is your policy?

In terms of Python libraries, those that don't require compilation can be installed within your own space, either by using pip --user or, my personal recommendation, using virtualenv (which is already installed and available on PA).

Those that require compilation at present can only be installed by PA devs. This will include things like Emacs, which is an executable.

The PA devs themselves would have to comment on when support packages like editors would be upgraded. I suspect the effort involved depends on whether they're currently tracking some distribution version of that particular package, in which case moving to a hand-compiled version is probably a bit of a hassle; or whether they're already tracking the latest release version, in which case upgrading is probably fairly easy (although if there are any changes that aren't backwards-compatible then they'd have to consider all of their users, of course).

Absolutely right, as usual, Cartroo :-)

Specifically regarding emacs: we're moving over from Debian to Ubuntu at the moment, and so far we've stuck with version 23. But it looks like it would be pretty easy to upgrade to 24 if that's what people prefer. Are there any backward compatibility issues we should be aware of?

Thank you for the info. Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work. Well, as I mentioned a major shift in how themes are loaded took place from 23 to 24. But this can easily surrounded by cloning a working config like the one I mentioned above. Since I just getting started with emacs (mainly because of key mapping issues in vim) I vote for an upgrade to 24. I am so eager about emacs (or vim) because they deliver full flegded IDEs with codecompletion PEP8 checing, documentation lookup, methodextracting, codefolding and lots of other stuff. Since vim suffers from the key mapping problem and I am not religious I'll just go for emacs. These editors are about equal for python. Anyone else using emacs?

Many thanks! Yes, if anyone else has an opinion either way then we'd love to hear from you. We're at a point right now where we can probably switch over reasonably easily -- at least, assuming that the Ubuntu switch goes reasonably smoothly (which it looks like it might).

I use emacs 24 on my mac and would vote to include it. Thanks

Upvoted. Anyone else interested?

Incidentally, what vim key mapping problem? I am religious, and using vim happily on PA ;-)

aaah. function keys. well, as long as they're not needed in emacs I guess...

I don't use the function keys in emacs but anything is possible with emacs and a bit of elisp. The meta key along with some other key chord will give you more power than you can handle in 10 years. I am on year three.

Any news on the function keys? A rough estimate on the ETA of a fix? It is probably something simple. Thank you.

@jmfrank63 -- I'd say we're quite likely to be able to get emacs upgraded to 24 sometime in the next few weeks. fixing function keys is more something for the medium-term...

Thank you, I'll be patient.

Hi, I need emacs 24.1 for elpy. Will it be loaded soon?

Let me see if I can bump the ticket. Do you know if two different versions of emacs can coexist on the system? or should we remove emacs23 and replace it with 2.4? can you think of any reason that someone would want to keep 2.3 and not use the newer one?

They can coexist. You could keep both and let the user decide. There will be minor incompatibilities for a few packages but nothing hard to remedy. Personally, I don't know of any reason to stick to 23.