Rename Files -> Folder

Hi, why is there no rename folder action in "Files"? though I can do it through console.. :)

I'm sure it's on the list, but the staff can confirm that. It just isn't as high as other types of features since it will be more of a refinement, so unless the users ask for it to be prioritized it will remain low on the list. I'm sure the staff will up-vote it on your behalf if you would like...☺

Just like a2j says, it's on the list. I've upvoted it on your behalf.

I would also appreciate having this feature very much.

I've upvoted it -- will keep y'all posted...

I can't find this option to rename files... Andrea

Right, it's not there yet. The best way to rename a file is to start a bash console and do it from there.

Add this feature please.

I've added an upvote on your behalf.

If you might upvote it in my favor as well, I would be very grateful.

No problem.

me 2. I would also suggest moving the upload button to the top ...having to scroll to the bottom when there are a lot of files is a pain.

Upvoted -- thanks!

I vote yes, please!


I would like this feature

Thanks! Upvoted on our feature tracker.

I would like this feature too please.

Thanks! Upvoted on our feature tracker.

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upvote plz

Ok. Noted

Thanks! Upvoted on our feature tracker.

Did glenn just pladgarize Conrad's post?


I would like this feature, too

Noted, thanks.

I would like this feature please!

thanks, upvoted.

Upvote please

@eannaboland -- done!

I'd also love this feature!


I also need the feature, because doing it by console is possible but time consuming, just for changing a name, man!

Upvoted again! But I'd be interested in knowing what makes it time-consuming for you -- it should just be a case of

mv old-file-or-directory-name new-file-or-directory-name

While that's obviously not idea from a UI perspective -- a graphical way of doing it on the "Files" page would be a big improvement -- the command-line way of doing it shouldn't take much time once you know what the command looks like.

I also need this Feature. Thanks in advance

Noted, thanks.

would love to have this feature


I would also have the UI faeture to rename files/folders...

Thanks! Noted.

How do we rename files? It's been a decade since this thread was started, but I don't see any method in the web interface. You can only delete or upload.

ticket upvoted again