how to upload images?

Hi, i'm new here. awesome site and have learned a lot already.thanks. Im creating a basic html page using things like headings and paragraphs work great. and my webpage displays correctly.

now i want to add some images, but have no idea where to put them, and how to call them. after reading the forum it sounds like i need to put them in the STATIC FILES area. but when i go there i only see where it says "enter url" or "enter path". I type "images" here but then see no option to upload my actual image files. i then go into the files area and can upload images there but even if i put them under an "images" directory name, i cant see them from my browser. eg, if i go to it doesnt show up.

any tips? thanks in advance.

I solved my own problem....might as well write the solution here in case anyone else has difficulties. in the static file url I entered "/images/" (without quotes) in the static file directory I entered "/home/wiseteroid/images" (without quotes) so what i was doing wrong initially is missing out the /home/wiseteroid/ part of the directory.

Perfect, yes you will need to enter the full path to the directory on disk. Glad you got it working.