easier way to share a shell

I was thinking a bit more about the hackerspace python workshop...

could there be an easier way to have 10 people share a session than typing all their names/emails, having them all create accounts or check their email, etc.? If you have to close the shell and restart another one, same thing again...

maybe one could just have some hard-to-guess URL for the shell and everybody visiting that URL is on the same shell?

or maybe even for a whole workspace (all shells)?


Actually people don't need to sign up for an account, to see a shell you shared with them. And if share a PythonAnywhere shell with yourself the link that you are sent will work for anyone. When you share with an email address you are really sharing with unique identifier which is contained in the URL.


Hey, I see that you are a core dev for MoinMoin? Cool! We should have include a 1 click MoinMoin deploy button....

package importing gets error

can you give us more details?