ImportError at / No module named _binary

Hi. Several days ago my project was working, but now I see "ImportError at / No module named _binary" (in, it's strange, because I haven't changed anything in my apps. What do you think about it? May be I have "curve hands"? =)

Best regard, NurDus.

A recent upgrade appears to have broken PIL somehow - see this thread. It sounds the PA devs should be looking into it today as a matter of urgency.


We got an update of PIL where they changed their import paths. This means that any code (your own or from installed module) now imports from the wrong place. We are currently investigating whether it's a good idea for us to revert PIL until modules have caught up.

It looks like we were premature in blaming PIL. We actually somehow had PIL installed twice and the two installations were interfering with each other. We have removed one and we're going to try to work out where the second one came from.

Cool ! It works again. Thank you.

Guys - this is still very much not working for me. Do you by any chance has separate configurations between different user groups that each need to be fixed?

My bad - I reloaded the webapp and it began working fine. Apologies, and thanks for the fix.

No problem -- thanks for confirming!

The problem has returned. Now it works.

Sorry, that was a mistake on our behalf. Because of some heavy load we reintroduced an old server that didn't have the fix applied. You should have seen the problem for about 30 minutes and it will be gone now.