No module named myproject.urls

This error might be related to the fact that I created my project locally with Django 1.4 and on PythonAnywhere they run python 1.3.7 so the project structure might look different.

My is located under / > home > user > jazz > SoilMapper > SoilMapper

my project files are located under / > home > user > jazz > SoilMapper > VsoilMap

This how my wgsi is defined:

path = '/home/user/jazz/SoilMapper'
os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'SoilMapper.settings'

And this is the error I get:

No module named soilMapper.urls

It could be a Django 1.4/1.3 version difference. Look in the forums to find out how to run Django in a virtualenv on PythonAnywhere or use 1.3 locally.

It could also be casing - you use soilMapper.urls and everywhere else, it's SoilMapper.

Thanks for coming back to me. It indeed had to do with casing, something that happened while uploading the files from my local machine. I did run into some version problem too. But this was not related to it.

Right, case sensitivity can be a pain -- especially if you develop on Windows and then run on Linux. Is everything working OK now?