web2py customer domain setup


  • Like the service
  • Gone straight to the $12/mth version so that I can load a custom domain.
  • Web2py has setup so that the base at goes to the correct application.
  • Went to domain manager and setup a cname record for www that points to
  • when I try to look at I get a python anywhere page that tells me that it is the domain is not found. - like the pythonanywhere dns servers do not know to route internally or something? the page message is: Unconfigured Domain This website is hosted by PythonAnywhere, but has not been set up yet.

Not sure what is going wrong, or if there is any local dns server I still need to configure.

Anyone got any idea what I am missing. goes to the right place is pointing at (check at )


Have you entered your domain on your dashboard's "Web" tab? When you select Add a new web app, it prompts you for your domain. The PA system needs to be given the correct domain so that the main webserver can set up a virtual host for your domain so it can respond to it correctly - this isn't something you can do with the routing in your own web app.


Thanks for the pointers... I did not see that when I first created the application. That is exactly what I needed. So I am guessing you cannot retrofit domain names to web applications that already exist?

Thanks very much for the help



I think you can retrofit them. You just need to make sure the WGSI file is pointing to the right place.

Doug -- rcs1000 is right, you can retrofit domains to existing web apps, but it's a slightly manual process:

  • Create a new web app with the domain you want to use; when it asks which framework you want to use, select "Manual configuration"
  • Note down the name of the WSGI file that your new web app uses
  • Find the WSGI file for the old web app that you want the new one to point at.
  • Copy the contents of the old WSGI file to the new one.
  • Reload the new web app.

If any of that does wrong, just let us know and we'll take a look.