GoogleCL, Lynx and Google Login: no Authentication

I've managed to install gdata + the google command line tool, but fail to authenticate. Lynx automatically opens and presents the login screen, but after submitting the form same screen reappears. I've checked same thing locally and could easily read my mails with Lynx after login. I told Lynx to accept all cookies, with no success.

After quitting Lynx gcl offers a url to manually authenticate, but that appears to have no effect if done with another browser on a different machine.

I do not really have a clue how authentication works, but what might the difference between PA and local?

Is it an SSL thing?

I had the same issue with Lynx on PA, but couldn't work out what was going wrong. Copying the URL from the gcl prompt into a local browser did work, though. I had to copy just a part of the URL because the line-wrap in the console inserts a space in the URL. The URL I used ended with de on the first line and ended with fault on the next line so I had to combine them into a URL that ended with default.

I used the simple example from the googlecl site to add an event to my calendar.

I'll have a bit more of play with Lynx to see if I can get that to work and whether it's something we can fix for everyone. I'll also make a note to include the googlecl package because that looks really cool.