Two Way Secure Communication

When I recently posted about an Odd Bug it got me thinking about what if I had a security related issue I wanted to communicate to PA Staff. I'm not sure of the path that using the Send Feedback button uses So, assuming it goes unencrypted into the inbox, I figured we could use a better method. Even if using this button does provide a secure path, what about us sending directly to

Have you considered publishing a public key for communication to PA Staff individually or collectively? If yes, then what about also adding a place for us to paste our Public keys to our account so you could respond securely?

'Send feedback' sends an email and it's not encrypted. Publishing a public key for sending us encrypted email seems like a good idea. That said, we already have a fairly secure synchronous communication method - Shared consoles! They work pretty well as a shared chat and they're encrypted for all the bits that cross the internet.

So, we just share one with

It would be with whichever PythonAnywhere developer you were talking to.