How serve web site directly without wsgi ?


Is there a way to serve web site directly without using wsgi ? In fact, i would like to deploy a 'static' web site and use flask as 'webservices provider'. I hope you will understand my request :-)



Hi Salvatore,

I would try starting a flask webapp, and then creating a static file mapping for "/" that points to a folder with your static file content. If you put a file in there called *index.html", it will be served as the root of the home page. You can then use the flask app and its url routes for any extra web-services you want to add to the basic static site.

Maybe we should have that as an option for our quick-starts! I'll have a word with the rest of the team on Monday...

Let me know if that works OK!

Thank you very much Harry, i will try your solution. I think, indeed, it would be nice having such a quick-starts options.



I wonder how many quick starts we can have before there are so many it confuses people and they get intimidated by them to the point that they are no longer quick...☺

I'm not saying or suggesting there are too many now. Just thinking there will be a tipping point. For those of us who have been around a while it's just one more, but for a new person it's all of them together for the first time. Maybe we should consider if there is some way to categorize them so that the few most common are exposed on the first level and then at the bottom a button that goes to other options and can have as long of a quick list as desired for many many configurations.

Good suggestions a2j!