How to reset all data in an account or rather just delete an account? Videos?

Hi there!

Firstly, I have been using pythonanywhere for just a little bit, and let me tell you that you guys have been doing a superb job at making this site. Its got git and even dropbox, simply superb. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing work that you have done. I mean its like having your own computer on the web, with the greatest programming language and a bash shell! :D

Secondly, down to business, I wanted to know how to delete an account, because I seemed to have messed up my settings a little bit, and I wanted to do a reset, but that unfortunately is a missing feature. And since, I do not want to waste any of your resources, I want to delete, and then start over again, by creating a new account. I hope that is fine with you guys. So, how do I delete?

Thirdly (since I don't know how to contact the staff), I am a CS student, and the fact of the matter is that I have no cash on me (sad, I know) so I really do not have a way to pay $12 per month(for a premium account). But, I believe that I can pay in kind. I make video tutorials on different things, for example: . Its a tutorial on how to make a basic code snippet in Eclipse CDT. I just made this on short notice, since I wanted to ask you guys this question, is it possible that I can get a web developer account in exchange for making 2 video tutorials a month? I ask this for two reasons, I want to make a small web application for my book club regarding their donations to the club and also any talks they want to give. Its really quite simple, but will have a fair deal of database work. So, simply, I would make videos on how to use the site, how to incorporate different tools (like PyCharm) in using this site. I would do my best to make it ultra simple for a beginner. Secondly, this would help me learn too, because I would be working with a group of awesome Pythonistas! :D Probably, this last part will get ignored, but hey, you can't blame a guy for trying, right?

Hi rawvix,

You can always get in touch with us privately using the "Send feedback" button, or by sending an email to

Re resetting your account, you can just sign up for another one with a new name whenever you like. We can delete the old one for you if you really want, it's a manual process. Don't worry about the wasted resources, we can take it.

What was it that made you want to reset though? You said you messed up some settings... Would deleting your web app and starting again be enough? If so you can just hit the big red "delete" button on the Web tab.

Your offer re: video tutorials is very interesting! We'll get in touch to discuss on Monday...

Thanks a lot for this Harry. I appreciate it! :D And Send Feedback, just makes a topic in the forums! :P Thats what I thought at least.

What made me reset was that I installed django 1.5 on my account, and I messed up the main config file. So yes, I kinda messed up! :P If you'd let me, I'd like to make a tutorial on how to make a virtualenv and run the latest version of django in a web app on PythonAnywhere.

The topic of account resetting or as we put it back then nuking an account was discussed back in topic 149 for anyone interested.