Pinode: Raspberry Pi hosting in the cloud

Thought I should let you all know about our brilliant new business idea...

A Raspberry Pi cluster? Wow, that's awesome. I bet it was a real pain finding 3-inch rack mount kits.

Before I sign up can I just confirm the storage is at least RAISD 5?

Admittedly I'm not going to sign up for $99 a month right away, but it does raise the many Pi's are in a A Beowulf cluster of Raspberry Pis?

@a2j - it's just one raspberry pi, it runs virtual servers. The more you pay, the more VMs you get...

Yeah, it's amazing what you can do with Linux Containers these days.

I must admit this is highly intriguing. Please just tell me you didn't build your racks out of Lego's like the picture from that WordPress blog...☺