You have "south" what about these two helper plugiuns?

  1. ADMIN plugin for SOUTH data migration:

    Django app allowing for South management through Admin.

  2. Dependendent-upon module:

    Django app enabling painless creation of additional admin object tools.

I tried to PIP django-object-tools and got some error message about Zope....

What error message did you get about Zope?

I'll add those packages to be added the next time we re-image.

unable to find module zope, or something like that.

It might have been caused by the django-contacts egg file because I had just added south to my settings file, and there is a "migration" folder label inside the egg file, but its empty. South tries to make use of it and fails.

Its just a theory that occurs to me because when I tried to uninstall django-contacts I also got the same error message. That made me suspicious. I commented out south in my settings file, and the uninstall worked fine.

Then I used a pth file to point to the django-contacts source code I have in my Dropbox folder, uncommented south and everything seems ok. I have not tried installing these two again yet. I'm tied up adding fields to the models... After that, I could play again. Hopefully you will have added it to the system by then anyway....

I feel bad asking for something I have not really made use of yet - it could suck and be worthless for all I know.

We have various zope components installed. So if you do see the error it would be great if you could email us the traceback. Possibly a bug.

The pesky Zope missing error haunts me further: