Remove Students From Teacher Account

I teach courses with Pythonanywhere and have my students add me as their teacher. After the course is over, I would like to remove my Teacher status from those students who are no longer in my class so that my dropdown list of students doesn't have former students. I tell my students to remove me as their Teacher in their PA account, but many do not. Is there a way to do this myself?

Ah. That would certainly be a good feature for us to add :D Do you have any classes ongoing right now? If not, we can just manually unlink all student accounts for you for now.

Hi there, I am in the same case, I would love this feature. Could you please remove all students from my list as Teacher as well please? user: mfalonso I don't have any course right now, but I am starting 3 new courses In April and having former students in the list will drive me crazy. Thanks!

Ok. I have de-studented all of your current students. We have a ticket in the queue for providing a student management interface to teachers. I have upvoted it for you.

Hello Team, I have 14 students I'd like to remove from my list. Is the the feature available ? If not, would you do it for me (nicolaspoulain) ? Thanks

We don't have that feature available right now, but we will remove the 14 students for you.

Hello team - could someone unlink student accounts for me? (saged91) Thank you so much!

OK that's done.

Hello, I am going to start a new curse, I need unlink the students please!!!! (oscarhf)

Hi there, have removed all the students now, good luck with the new curse! (Freudian slip?) ;)

+1 for this feature. I have a bunch of students that I would like to have unlinked (b7jl). Can you please de-student them? Thanks!

sure- we will unlink all students from b7jl. Thanks!

Dear Support Team,

Can you unlink all my students from my account? My user name is jiexu2.

Thank you very much!

As I replied to your email, send us feedback with a list of the students you want to remove.

Dear Support Team,

I have the same problem. Could you please remove all of my students.


No problem, that's done.