Unable to upload large file, 413 Request Entity Too Large error


I have a plan that allows 9GB storage and I'm trying to upload a file of size ~570MB but I'm getting a 413: Request Entity Too Large error. I have sufficient space in my storage too, so not able to understand what is the issue. Can you please help me resolve this at the earliest.

Presumably that's using the Files tab?

Yes, is there an alternative?

I normally use SFTP, in my case using a program called WS_FTP Pro Ipswitch) but there are many others. I just tried and it worked fine with a 994 MB SQL file (took a few mins!). Search these forums for 'FTP'?



Yup. scp or sftp is a much better, more reliable way of getting data into PythonAnywhere if you have a paid account.

Hi Jim & Glenn,

Thanks for the heads up. I was finally able to upload it via SCP. :)


I'm getting the same error with my flask project. I would like to be able to upload zip files of up to 800 meg. Can I request an alteration of nginx?

We have to consider the impact of that on all of our users. Increasing our upload size by almost 10 times is not really something we'd consider doing right now.

Is it a customization we could pay for? Could we pay to be in a special pool where only insane uploads occur? I do love your site. It is a joy to work with. And, thanks for your responses.

Sorry, no. That would require a complete re-architecting of the service and it's not really a feature that we expect to be used enough for the effort required.


Just wondering - do you really, really need to do this within your Flask app?

If not, you can just use an FTP client with SFTP (as discussed above and elsewhere).


Yeah, after discussing it, they have cases were the uploads would be up to 2 gig.

We'll do the initial testing and graphical design changes within 100meg limit.

Thanks again.

Hi Jim and Glenn, I am Abdulrahman Ibraheem. I am new to PythonAnywhere, with a paid account, and I need to upload a file about 800Mb in size. From the forum, I can understand this is possible via WS_FTP Pro Ipswitch, but I saw that this is a software, so I am wondering how to install and use this software within PythonAnywhere. I don't know anything about SFTP and SCP, but a step-by-step set of instructions would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Abdulrahman

Hi Abdulrahman -- if you're not familiar with SFTP or SCP, I'd recommend installing FileZilla instead -- it's a program that you install on your own computer (rather than on PythonAnywhere) and it gives you a nice user-friendly way to upload files. It will ask you for the name of a server to connect to -- use, and when it asks for a username and password, use Rahman01 (the capital "R" is important because SSH logins are case-sensitive) and the password you use to log in to the PythonAnywhere website.

Thanks a lot. I used WS_FTP and it worked !