How do you integrate PyCharm and pythonanywhere

Hi there!

I just wanted to know, how you configure pythonanywhere with PyCharm. I want to host the site (just to test) on pythonanywhere servers. Its a simple "Hello World" page.

-- Kind Regards, RawVix

Admin: Dropbox is no longer supported on PythonAnywhere

There are a bunch of ways you can copy the files you're editing in PyCharm up to PythonAnywhere.

The simplest is normally Dropbox -- if you have a Dropbox account, you can share the folder with us in a way that makes it appear inside your PythonAnywhere account. I should warn you, though, that we have been having some problems with Dropbox recently. We believe they're mostly fixed now, but there's a small chance it won't work.

Another good way is to use GitHub. If you put your code in a git repository there, then you can check it out on PythonAnywhere and it will just work.

Finally, you can upload it from the "Files" tab on your dashboard. The best way to do this is to put it in a zip file on your own machine, then upload the zip, and uncompress it using the "zip" command from a bash console.

Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any problems!

Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense.

@rawvix: Welcome to PA...I bet you'll love it here!! (how could you not?)

My preferred method lately (when working from Windows) has been to use psftp from PuTTY. I think it appeals to me because when using a key file for authentication the whole process becomes like I'm working locally from various command prompts.

Of course this method isn't available to free accounts, but I'm adding it here for those who read this topic and are paying customers as well as my shameless endorsement of PA's (account) paid features...☺