Subscribed to python anywhere plan, but it's not a daily driver (yet)

For me, it comes down to being able to edit code on my android tablet, and being able to move my domain over to it (including SSL). Most other items have already been implemented, mainly looking at my list here:

In particular, would love to see a payment method other than paypal. Google wallet or dwolla would be lovely if possible.

One thing to call out though (as a paid user now :D), we should really do some improvements to the forums. The look is very simple right now, but it's VERY, VERY basic. Even something like the below suggestions would be lovely, not sure if we have the users yet to warrant a larger forum, but community involvement isn't going to be incredibly high if the forum isn't easier to use and read.

my pick if you're working off django framework: django based: web2py based: Twisted/Nevow based: Older, but good: Some basic (extensible) python forums pulled from github (not django related, there's tons of those):

Try that last bit again...

my pick if you're working off django framework:

django based:

web2py based:

Twisted/Nevow based:

Older, but good:

Some basic (extensible) python forums pulled from github (not django related, there's tons of those):

Hey there,

First off, on PayPal -- so do we! We decided to go with PayPal because we thought it would be nice and easy, and boy have we learned our lesson. Reading stories like this doesn't help either:

I know, I know, you tried to warn us... if only we'd listened!

On features:

  • Use-your-own-domain is on our immediate list of things to do, we hope to have that out in the next few weeks.

  • HTTPS for webapps is already working, so you can try that out now if you like... but using custom certs will take a little longer.

  • Forum improvements -- we did have a crack at using a third party library (askbot) but in the end it seemed like it was going to be a whole heap of work to integrate properly, and rolling our own, something basic, seemed easier. "Edit my own posts" is sorely needed I agree...

Have you actually got any experience of implementing the various apps you've listed? With an existing Django auth system?

We've been taking a good look at options for getting stuff working better on mobile platforms too -- I just got myself a shiny new Samsung tab and am super-keen on being able to log in on it, so we've got a good incentive :-) It might take a while, though, there are quite a few nasty platform-specific issues with the terminal emulator we use for the consoles...


Another paying member here, and I have also been asking for SSL as a priority as that would give me nice access from my iPad. Between that and Dropbox editing, the iPad would work very nicely.

Having said that, the service seems to do what I think I'll need it to do, based on what I've been able to do with a Rackspace box.

I really appreciate the feedback from the developers, both in email and on these forums. That is pretty impressive.

ssh is definitely on our list, we got something very buggy but just-about usable working recently in the labs. No ETA on getting it working well enough to release, but we'll get there!

The only downside is that with our current architecture, it would be hard to do the persistent console thing over ssh. I guess you could use screen to get a similar effect (though that brings its own problems) but it would be really nice to have a seamless transition from the desktop in-browser experience over to mobile. So I'm still very keen on getting the browser-based stuff working in mobile browsers too.

Actually, the console sessions seem to work properly (although I can't copy/paste, that REALLY needs a separate button or a field or something to type something in all at once so I can paste into the console window). My main issue is with the editor, though I've pretty much just switched over to using Nano in the console since that works well.

Let me go pull the code I did (some time ago) and see which forum I shoved in. It wasn't clean, but it was a dirty hack I did in a day, so I'll see if it's worth salvaging.

Still no joy on the iPad... If even the console worked it would be great.

I'm paying my fees as an act of faith that this will eventually be awesome. If I had a chrome book, it would be. iPad -- it seems very close.

I love my new iPad Air and I had hoped that I would be able to edit from within the PythonAnywhere file editor, but it isn't working for me. I may just be missing some trick, but am unable to do anything but insert a new line with the Return key. I can only see one screen full of text and am not able to scroll up or down. I can write a more detailed report on what works and what doesn't if you tell me whether or not it's supposed to work on the new iPad. I never got it to work on my ancient iPad but I just attributed it to the age of the iPad and OS. Thanks.

Is this in the console or in the editor? We've heard some reports of problems in the editor recently, which we're looking into. But if the console's not working as well on new iPads, we'll need to investigate...

Giles, it's in the editor.

@KathieConnects, we're aware of the "unable to scroll" issue on the ipad -- can you describe the other problems?