develop using django 1.4 with

Hi everyone, I just tried out this installation for django 1.4( I got till editing the wsgi file. After replacing the code with the code given in that guide and reloading the web app, I clicked on the link to my page and got: Unhandled Exception. What could have I done wrong??? I´m happy for any suggestion.

Hi Ne123rD -- when you get errors like that, the best thing to do is to look at your web app's error log file. Here's a link to it (accessible only to you and to our support team).

If you look there, you'll see that it's failing to activate the virtualenv you created because it's looking for it in the wrong place. You need to replace the line saying

activate_this = '/home/virtualenvdemo/.virtualenvs/django14/bin/'

With one like this:

activate_this = '/home/Ne123rD/.virtualenvs/django14/bin/'

I've updated the virtualenvdemo page to make that a bit clearer.