hey there,

would it be possible for you to provide lamson on your servers? unfortunately i fail to install it myself because of lacking root privileges.

thank you & kind regards, philipp

If I remember correctly, Lamson is an SMTP server framework, correct?

I can't see how this is going to work on PA currently as it's not possible to listen on arbitrary ports - to run a successful SMTP server you'll need to listen on port 25 (or another port and require changing some advanced client settings, which might not be possible on some mail clients).

If you're just planning to use some of the libraries, however, and don't plan to actually run a server then I can't see a problem. You should be able to install it yourself - the easiest way is to use virtualenv. Note that both virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper are pre-installed on PA.

My suspicion is that you're trying to run some sort of mail-facing application, however, and just don't think this will work until the PA boffins have chance to implement listening on arbitrary ports.

lamson probably won't work very well on PythonAnywhere, anyway. We don't support running daemons that listen on ports and, as a mail server, lamson needs to be a daemon and to listen on various ports.

Heh. Beat me to it, @Cartroo

okay, that answers it:) thank you all very much for your input!