pycrypto installation fails - configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

Any means to get this supported? It is a part of my requirements file:

Django==1.5 Fabric==1.5.3 Jinja2==2.6 Pygments==1.6 Unidecode==0.04.12 argparse==1.2.1 blinker==1.2 docutils==0.10 feedgenerator==1.5 paramiko==1.9.0 pelican==3.1.1 pycrypto==2.6 pytz==2012j six==1.2.0 unicode-slugify==0.1 wsgiref==0.1.2


We don't support C compilation, but we're thinking of adding it.

At the moment, you can create your virtualenv with the --system-site-packages option and it should notice that some of the dependencies are already satisfied.

Glenn, Thank you. I'll give that a shot.