git push failure with 3128 error

I'm trying to play around hosting django in pythonanywhere. Today, I got into problem where git push is not working. github itself became not accessible due to http failure.

I tried to look into similar issue posted in stackoverflow. It doesnt help either.

example output: (similar issue for git clone also, basically, github access got broken) 17:50 ~/django_logistics (master)$ git push error: Failed connect to; Operation now in progress while accessing fatal: HTTP request failed

Any clue or thought, please share..

I expect it has to do with the port. Free accounts can only use 80 and 443, although there are sometimes bugs when using 443.

Somehow it looks like git has been configured with the origin as which is slightly odd - 3128 is the port on which to connect to the PA proxy server, but the address to connect to should still be

Try this:

git config --global http.proxy http://proxy.server:3128

Then try a fresh git clone using the standard URL shown on the Github repository screen.

To be honest I thought Git was already configured with the appropriate proxy by default, but perhaps something's become confused.