how to remove database that I created?

There is just an interface for creating database not for removing databse.

How do you create your mysql database and manage it?

You need to start a MySQL console and then run something like:

drop database `LeeKyungMoon$something`;

replacing "something" with the appropriate database name.

We should have a web interface for doing that -- I've added that to our to-do list.


@giles Bro ! It's still not here ! 4 Years !

Hope you guy add the web interface soon............

ahah working on it! upvoted it in our feature tracker.

+1 for the web interface feature :)

Noted. Thanks.

I'm just glad I found some way to do it. I didn't notice that there was a default database, so I created one and later realized I didn't need two. Then it took a while to find this topic (after finding nothing in the help pages).

Glad you figured that out! And thanks for the suggestion -- that information should be in our help pages (at least until the UI is implemented).

EDIT: The instruction for deleting a database is on the help page now.