Missing step in Django tutorial

I'm back :) While following Django tutorial at i found an important step is missing. After creating the template file and directory you need to edit and add your template directory absolute path to TEMPLATE_DIRS section. This step is missing.

Thanks Steve

Thanks for the heads-up! We'll get that fixed.

It's a pleasure to help improving such an awsome service like Pythonanywhere.


Ah, I think I see the problem -- you don't actually need to add the TEMPLATE_DIRS setting if you put the templates directory inside the "myapp" directory, but you do if you put it in the parent mysite directory.

It looked like that was an easy mistake to make, so I've broken up the text where we explain where to put the templates dir into a set of bullet points, which should be clearer.


Where is the adventure in that???

You're right. I think we should rewrite our tutorial in the style of Sir Humphrey Appleby.

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Are you still glad to have me back?

hey, I don't think this has this been fixed. I just went through the steps trying to set up a new django app. I also don't seem to see this mentioned on the page. Maybe it's me though...

anyway, I got my django admin working, but I get a 404 trying to load the page.

Edit: sorry, just read the rest of chain here. Hmm, looks like I made a mistake somewhere...

I think Sir Humphrey Appleby is currently in the US Congress. He, or someone like him, writes our tax codes. dc