consoles not working??- 2/17/13

It was working last night, but for some reason, all the consoles I run get stuck in the "Loading console..." phase. Doesn't matter if I restart, log off, run from file or direct. Anyone else having this problem??

I am. I messaged them about it, but no response yet.

ok well at least I'm not alone thank god

I was running another program before this happened, and even while the others weren't loading the older one continued its script. I don't know what that means exactly, except that parts of the consoles still function, they just won't start anymore.

It's past midnight in England on a Sunday night, so I doubt they're going to get around to this until tomorrow at the soonest.

Nope, we're logged in and investigating -- sorry for not posting something here sooner!

Doubt retracted.

OK, all should be well again now. Sorry for the outage -- we'll work on diagnosing it tomorrow morning, but at first glance it looks like we hit a resource limit (specifically, ptys) that we've never encountered before. Odd, because the traffic on that server hasn't been particularly high.

Unsure if this is related but I can't seem to ssh into either of my accounts I get a "PTY allocation request failed on channel 0"

You're right, it was related -- just a different manifestation of the same problem. Should be fixed now, sorry about that!

Problem resolved. Thanks!

It sure is a PiTY to have these PTY troubles!!


Does WinCE even have PTYs?

@giles: Yeah.....sorry...☺

@Cartroo: VERY nice!!!!!!!!