Keyboard not shown on console

Hello! I tried to use the console on my iPhone but the keyboard doesn't show up. I've tried chrome and it's the same behavior. Any ideas? I'm on iOS 9.3.2

Did you tap in the console?

Yes I have still the keyboard doesn't shows up. I even tried to copy commands but I had no luck

I think Glenn might have misread your original post as "iPad" rather than "iPhone". I don't think our site works very well on smaller iDevices right now :-(

Any update on this question?

I use python a lot in my phone and would be great to use pythonAnywhere too.

btw- try using the disable mobile version/show desktop version option- that does the trick for me

We've made a number of improvements since this thread was posted originally, but there's still work to be done. I agree with what @bfg says -- if it still doesn't work, we'd love to see any screenshots you can send us at

Tried on iOS 10.2.1 with Safari, Opera, Chrome. Firefox, and Dolphin. Tried desktop and mobile versions in all 5 browsers, but keyboard doesn't pop up when clicking on the console. However, it's not clear the desktop version is actually loading as it looks more or less the same as the mobile version in all the browsers. Any other suggestions?


Yep, keyboard isn't popping up for me either. I am on iOS 10.3.1. Is there any way to go to the desktop version of the console?

You might be able to tell your browser to "request desktop site"? Or try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox?)

Is there any update on this? I’ve tried safari and chrome and requesting desktop site for both but the keyboard never shows up.

No, no update. This is not something we've ever been able to reproduce on any of our test devices. The fact that you experience it in multiple browsers suggests that it may be some sort of OS setting that is causing the problem.

Yes, when I use pythonanywhere console in my iPhone, iOS 10.3.2, the soft keyboard is not shown. If I use ELECOM Bluetooth foldable keyboard, but the ESC key don't work! I managed to type space key by Command+V, space two or three times.

May you check it? Thanks in advance.

PythonAnywhere consoles should work Okish on iPads. It's unlikely that it's going to work well on iPhones. We don't really have any plans to make consoles work on iPhones at the moment.

Anyway, I tried Command+Z with my ELECOM Bluetooth foldable keyboard, it works as ESC in miracle.

Just for who is interested in using an external ELECOM keyboard, I tried use imap to map jj as <Esc>, qq as <Space> for vi, and it works fine.

Me too. No keyboard popping up on iPhone. Would definitely use this. Has there been anyone who has solved this?

We know about the issues on iPhones, and we don't really have any plans to do anything about them right now.

UPDATE: The keyboard on iPhone works fine with Jupyter notebook. Well worth the 5 bucks!

Great! Glad that notebooks are useful to you.

Still the same? If it needs some works to show keyboard on iPhones, it would be helpful to copy & paste a command to console at least. iPad works well but, on my iphone I cannot type a single character. Thanks!

The console on PythonAnywhere does not work on iPhones.