Dropbox "conflicted copy" resolution?

I have my account hooked up to my Dropbox account, so I have a ~/Dropbox/PythonAnywhere shared folder. Today I accessed a project within my ~/Dropbox/PythonAnywhere folder from another device. When I came back to, my shared folder had changed from PythonAnywhere to pythonanywhere (Conflicted Copy 1), but only through the PythonAnywhere interface (both Bash and the web interface). I can't mv it back to PythonAnywhere because I don't have permission. I know that this is a Dropbox thing, but I was wondering if you guys had seen this before, and how I can resolve it?

It looks like you've got 2 problems, there. The first is that the device you accessed your Dropbox folder from messed with the case of the folder, so Dropbox duped it. That's not too much of an issue, but if the extra folder really bothers you, we can safely remove it from your account.

The other issue is our ongoing trouble with a few accounts not syncing on dropbox. You can follow the progress of our efforts to fix it on this thread