All exceptions report as Unhandled Exception

Seems that any request I make to my webpage previously reported colorful, detailed reports of the exception, whereas now it just says in plaintext

Unhandled Exception

In fact, it seems to be doing this on functional (non exceptioning) pages as well..?

Is this intentional?

Just found the problem causing the exception.

Though all exceptions are still just the 2 word blurb. Any chance I can get the colorful ones back again?

What framework are you using? Did you turn off DEBUG? It may also be about where the exception occurs: If the exception is a syntax error, you may get a less helpful exceptions than if it's a runtime error. I don't think we've changed anything that would cause all exceptions to be reported differently.

Seems to be fixed now. I didn't turn DEBUG off. Must have just been some sort of temporary hosting burp?

Could be. But in general, the colourful error messages come from your framework, and if you just get Unhandled Exception it means that the framework couldn't be loaded -- for example, if you have an error in your WSGI file, or there was some really low-level error in the web app (for example, a broken for a Django app. Could that have been the problem?

BTW errors that just get the Unhandled Exception error normally get logged in the web app's error log file -- that should help to debug in the future.