running web2py from dropbox

I have web2py installed under my Dropbox dir. can I run my applications from there? I changed to the following:

import os import sys

path = '/home/md1frejo/Dropbox/web2py' if path not in sys.path: sys.path.append(path)

from wsgihandler import application

but it didn't work. I also started web2py with port 80 but that didn't work either. I am little bit lost here. I could use the web2py button and then replace the standard app with my app but that feels a little bit awkward when having access to Dropbox

One option is to use the web2py button, pointing it at an (empty) folder in your dropbox which you've shared with us. Check that works -- it will make sure the WSGI and password are set up correctly.

Then, copy in your own code gradually, app by app, into the dropbox folder, doing a reload web app every so often to check everything works...