File processing

I have a local text file in my machine. My employers security rules are so under the skin that i cannot install python anymore. How can i make the local file available to my python script.? Please let me know

Sorry i found it. Posted before really looking into it.

whats the answer Could U also tell me

From the FAQ.

"How do I copy my files to and from PythonAnywhere? You have a certain amount of storage on our servers in the form of a home folder and a /tmp.

We've built a file browser which you can use to explore your folders, and download any files you've created. Just go to the Dashboard (there's a link at the top right of every page) and then click on the Files tab.

You'll find an "Upload" button appears inside any folders you have write access to. Use this to upload files from your PC.

If you have ssh access, you can also use scp (including WinSCP) to copy files up to PythonAnywhere.

Or, alternatively, you can use Dropbox:

How can I sync with Dropbox? Sharing folders from your Dropbox with PythonAnywhere is easy; just follow the instructions here."

I haven't tested this, but this is what I would try if I couldn't get admin- access to my local corporate machine:

I guess there's an abundance of other cool tools that you and a lot of other folks are missing due to strict company policies. Head over to and check what's available. made my days enjoyable in the time span between starting in a new job and getting the admin-access I wanted.

True story: Our company is still using IE8 as default web browser. This is due to some older corporate production systems that are incompatible with newer explorer versions.

+1 for both of those projects!!

Actually I should remember to reccomend portable firefox to people who are stuck on IE behind corporate firewalls. You can run it straight off a USB stick if I recall correctly.

That's one of the apps I carry with me everywhere I go. Portable Apps is pretty cool!

Yes, you can run portable firefox from an USB stick if you like. You can pretty much run it from anywhere that you have write access to on your local file system.

For those who prefer Chrome you'll find a portable version of that as well.

The selection is so good it sometimes feels like it would be easier to list the things you can't do vs. what you can with Portable Apps.

And for anybody who's really paranoid about security, I spotted this review the other day. Now that's what I call a rugged device...

For me personally, however, I've found that smartphones have rendered Portable Apps more or less useless for anything except travelling abroad (where roaming costs are still prohibitive). From a security perspective, the recent iPhones are actually pretty good.