I have uploaded a Python App based on Tweepy. I have uploaded it in a free account, but it's not working. In my understanding twitter is in the allowed websites. The app is working great local.

Do you know the specific URL it's trying to use? It might be that Twitter offer their API at multiple hostnames and only some of them are whitelisted? Also, a little more detail than "it's not working" is generally helpful.

Sorry, I thought was well known package. The URLs are: host='', search_host='',

The Error is: Failed to send request: [Errno 111] Connection refused

It might be a well known package to some people here, but if you're interested in a quick turnaround it's usually in your own interest to include as many details about a problem as possible to maximise your audience. (^_^)

Hm, those should both be fine, since the whole of appears to be in the whitelist (unless the whitelist has changed since that page was generated, but I don't think that's at all likely).

That message indicates a fairly low-level networking issue of some sort, rather than some protocol error, so the specific URLs shouldn't affect things. The odd thing is that I just tried connecting to both those hosts from PAW via HTTP and HTTPS using urllib and got a successful connection each time - I was just requesting the root path at each, but it shows that a connection to the relevant port succeeded.

Might be worth trying again in case it was a transient problem. If it's still broken I can only assume that the code isn't picking up the free account proxy for some reason - I'm not 100% how that works (whether it's totally transparent or if it relies on the code picking up some proxy configuration setting from the environment) so I'd have to let the PAW staff answer that.

Thanks, I got it. Sorry for the lack in the info, I'm new here. I will try again, but the issue is that local i working well.

Tweepy doesn't honour the environment proxy setting so you can't use it from a Free account.

But will it work in a paid account?

Yup. The proxy is not in the loop when you have a paid account. You will have to use a new console, though, since we don't live-update the consoles when you upgrade.