python url error

import time import datetime import urllib2 import cookielib import os import sys import socket import threading socket.setdefaulttimeout(5.0)

cj = cookielib.CookieJar() opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor(cj)) opener.addheaders = [('User-agent', 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:13.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/13.0.1 ID:20120614114901')]

GOD_CHECK_TIME = 0 # The speed at which it rechecks for a raid in the room FORMER_ID = "127456" # Form account ID CAST_SIN = False # True or False to cast a SiN SIN_ID = "" # Optional if you set CAST_SIN to True LOGIN_WITH_SESSION = False # Change to True to log in with session # or False to use the stored user/pass rg_sess_id = "" # From typpo username = "" password = ""

chars = (["2362573","266059","254164","34188","252007","2325681","2349357","37728","215372","199399","199728","2296007","254735","230521","238242","198065","197784","197926","211526","197508","197782"])

global editables, dont touch these

RAID_ID = "" RAID_NAME = "" _startTime = _finishTime =


def alo(url): lagsafe = 1 while lagsafe == 1: try: site = lagsafe = 0 except IOError: print "URLError: Site not loading. Retrying..." except Exception: print "Unknown error, retrying..." return site

def alo2(url, pData): lagsafe = 1 while lagsafe == 1: try: site =, pData) lagsafe = 0 except IOError: print "URLError: Site not loading. Retrying..." except Exception: print "Unknown error, retrying..." return site

Print a message with timestamp

def msg(out): thetime = time.strftime("[%H:%M:%S]", time.localtime(time.time())) message = thetime + " " + out print message return message

def getCharName(src): charName = "Unknown" try: charName = src.split('" selected>')[1].split('</option>')[0] except: msg("Could not retrieve character name.")

return charName

Get the substring of a string,

iB("<hello> world </hello>", "<hello>", "</hello>")

The above would return "world"

def iB(src, start, end): try: return src.split(start)[1].split(end)[0] except IndexError: msg("Could not retrieve the inbetween value.") return

def formRaid(formerID): one = 1 while one == 1: try: global _startTime _startTime = srcworld = alo("" + formerID + '&serverid=2').read() raidLink = srcworld.split("formraid.php?target=")[1].split('\">')[0] print "" msg("***Raid spotted, forming raid.")

        formpage = alo("" + raidLink).read()
        codeID = formpage.split('codeid" value="')[1].split('">')[0]

        Form = alo2("" + raidLink, "target=" + raidLink + "&codeid=" + codeID + "&formtime=3&submit=Launch!").read()

        global RAID_ID, RAID_NAME
        RAID_ID = getRaidID(Form)
        RAID_NAME = getRaidName(Form)

        msg("***" + RAID_NAME + " Formed.")
        one = 0
        return True

    except IndexError:
        msg("God not spawned.")

def getRaidID(src): #raids = alo("") #srcraids = try: return iB(src, "joinraid.php?raidid=", "&") except IndexError: msg("Couldn't retrieve raid ID") return False

def getRaidName(src): try: return iB(src, "<div ONMOUSEOVER=\"statspopup(event,'<b>", "</b>')\" ONMOUSEOUT=\"kill()\">") except IndexError: msg("Couldn't retrieve raid name") return False

def launchRaid(launchURL): x = 1 while x == 1: try: launch = alo(launchURL).read() if "Your raid will launch shortly" in launch: msg("RAID LAUNCHED!") global _finishTime _finishTime = x = 0 return True except IndexError: x = 1 time.sleep(1)

def createReport(raidTime): r = open("numero.txt", "a") r.write("Raid launched at " + time.strftime("[%H:%M:%S]", time.localtime(time.time())) + " \nThe raid took "+str(raidTime.seconds)+" seconds.") r.close() return True

if LOGIN_WITH_SESSION: loginrpg = alo("","&serverid=2","&suid=" + FORMER_ID) print "Logged in RGA with session ID\n" else: loginrpg = alo2("", "login_username="+username+"&login_password="+password) loginchar = alo(""+FORMER_ID+"&serverid=2") print "Logged in RGA\n"

God name was found on the page, so form and join the raid.


Start to join

for i in range(len(chars)):

join = alo2('' + RAID_ID + '&suid=' + chars[i] + '&serverid=2', "join=1").read()

msg("Joined character: " + getCharName(join))

class ThreadClass(threading.Thread): def init(self, char): self.char = char threading.Thread.init(self)

def run(self):
    join = alo2(''+RAID_ID+'&suid='+self.char+'&serverid=2', "join=1").read()
    if "error" in join:
        x = 1
        while x == 1:
           join = alo2(''+RAID_ID+'&suid='+self.char+'&serverid=2', "join=1").read()
           if "Please click" in join:
               x = 0

    msg("Joined character: " + getCharName(join))

for i in range(len(chars)): t = ThreadClass(chars[i]) t.start()

Cast SiN

if CAST_SIN == True: cast = alo2("", "suid="+SIN_ID+"&castskillid=3015&cast=Cast+Skill") msg("Casted Strength in Numbers on " + getCharName(cast))

launchURL = '' + RAID_ID + '&suid=' + FORMER_ID + '&serverid=2&launchraid=yes&x=141&y=36' launchRaid(launchURL) tTime = _finishTime - _startTime msg("TOTAL RAID TIME: " + str(tTime.seconds) + " seconds.\n") keepChecking = 0 def restart_program(): """Restarts the current program. Note: this function does not return. Any cleanup action (like saving data) must be done before calling this function.""" python = sys.executable os.execl(python, python, * sys.argv)

if name == "main": answer = raw_input("Do you want to restart this program ? ") if answer.strip() in "y Y yes Yes YES".split(): restart_program() why does it say its logged in but actually logged into the site am i being blocked or something?

It's not particularly helpful to simply paste a whole lot of Python without a description of the problem you're having, what you have and haven't tried and what you're trying to achieve. Also, you should indent each line by four spaces and put :::python on the first line (also indented) to present the code in a readable form.

Thanks for that, Cartroo

As an aside, anybody reporting problems on any service or software should probably read this short essay on submitting effective bug reports. Some of it may be obvious but it's amazing how often it's overlooked.