Django unchained

Does anyone know if PythonAnywhere has any role in the upcoming Django Unchained movie?

For anybody who doesn't know the plot, it's basically about a plucky young web developer whose wife is sold into corporate slavery at a multinational software firm. He's saved from a similar fate by a small technology startup who offer him a more competitive benefits package. Together they set off to rescue his wife by exchanging her for a compelling online application, armed only with a fully-featured Python web framework and copious amounts of dynamite. Being a Tarantino movie, I'm sure there'll be copious amounts of stack traces spraying all over the place, and most of the applications will end up terminated, but it'll probably come good in the end.

I'm just going to leave this here on the off chance you haven't seen it on PyPI:

I'm afraid I haven't been able to get this module to work under PythonAnywhere, but worth a quick look at the code - it's cute. :)