Syncing lag through Dropbox


I am a noob building my first app. I keep my code synced to PA via Dropbox but experience lag issues. Specifically, after altering my code, I usually need to actually delete the .pyc files in Dropbox to ensure a sync occurs. I've actually started to write most of my javascript using jsFiddle because my HTML files also take quite a while to sync.

Love PA, is there anything I can do to make syncing happen faster?

The issue with the pycs is that they get created with permissions that prevent them from syncing. It's probably not a great idea to run your webapp out of a dropbox share.

As for the syncing speed, that's going to be dependant on all sorts of things - how Dropbox is running, whether other users are syncing large files and so on.

Got it. Thanks for explaining!

Yes, I wouldn't recommend running from Dropbox either - if nothing else, you can accidentally delete things too easily. At least if your PAW version is a different copy, you've always got some sort of basic backup.

If you're not already I'd really recommend keeping your code under source control. If you don't mind it being public, you can create a free Github account (you can create private repositories, but you need a paid account for that). Alternatively, if you get a paid PAW account you can host your Git repository here.

While something like Git takes getting used to, if you're planning on creating an app that you're going to maintain, even just for your own use, it's well worth it in the long run. You see this page as one of the many that explain what source control is and why you want it. However, Git is just one suggestion - any source control system is probably fine (except Visual Source Safe, which is just plain broken).

Bitbucket is free, if you're not interested in public repositories.

+1 for Bitbucket. I use github for all of my public stuff (their community is better) and bitbucket for private stuff. I pay for github anyway on a general "I use them for important stuff and don't contribute in any other way" basis (hint, hint ;-)