Kill process?

Hi, started web2py process which I need to kill, how do I find process number and kill it please?

Hi iconfly,

Actually there is currently no way for you to do that at the moment. We are building that functionality right now though. We did half of it last Friday so it shouldn't be TOO far away.


Thanks, does this mean I cannot do anything in the meanwhile?

Well, if you want to reload your web app then there is a button for that under the webapps tab. That kills the server process so you can start again. Does that help?

Thanks, I'll try again.


Seems nothing done for this task yet.

That's correct I'm afraid, the process dashboard / process killer feature has been on hold. I'll add an upvote from you though.

We are in 2018 well almost and still no way to kill a process?

you can kill console processes from the consoles page process list button, and task processes from the task page in the same way. webapp processes should all die when you reload your webapp -- unless you're seeing something different?

process list button never gives a result it runs forever

Hm, it seems to be working OK from our end. Can you try and different browser and/or network connection?