Changes to html files are not updated on live site

I'm making changes to the html template files of my Django app, then saving it, and reloading the proper app in the web dashboard, but these changes aren't showing up in the public site. When I view the html files again, I see that the changes I made are still there and have been properly saved. I tried clearing cache/cookies but the same problem persists.

Issue solved

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what did you do?

Normally just reloading from the "Web" page should work -- is it not working for you?

I'm experiencing this problem too. My HTML is not refreshing even though it shows changes when I go back to the file, I have clear my browser cache and reloaded the file.

When you say that you reloaded the file, was that using the green "reload" button on the "Web" page?


It still is not updating

May we take a look at your files? What files did you change and what did you expect to see?

I faced this problem too. It turns out that the browser is to blame. Clearing cookies does not help, but if you open the website on another browser, all changes will be displayed normally. (Doesn't work for me on Google Chrome :))

Added: Clearing the browser cache helps, but it's better to use the ctrl + f5 keyboard shortcut, it helps too.

When you update the files - you should reload the webapp. Thank me later :-)

+1000 to both of those suggestions -- shift-F5 (which I think is the same as control-F5) is a good way to force reload, and it's definitely important to use the "Reload" button on the "Web" page inside PythonAnywhere after making code changes.

Having this problem. Scripts are updated just fine after reloading the web app, but html templates won't update no matter what. They're saving properly and they're in the right directory, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Did you reload the page in your browser using ctrl-F5?

having the same problem with my HTML files ... cleared the cache and cookies ... still the same ... used ctrl + F5 and Shift +F5 ... same issue ...

@MathKH Could you describe your case in more detail?

I have updated the HTML file on my local server ... it seems working ... on the python anywhere without changing any settings, or views I have just updated the HTML file exactly the same as before but some line has changed. and its not related to base.html few links are updated and some h1 tags updated ... but can not see the update saved on the files, updated on the dashboard ,

Do you need to reload your webapp to see the changes?