error 403 forbidden for flickrapi function?

I'm trying to use flickrapi with python. I know for a fact this should work normally since I have it running on my personal computer. The code however in pythonanywhere seems to break specifically at this function.

for photo1 in flickr.interestingness_getList(date=date, license="1,2,3,4,5,6"):

I should note that I HAVE installed flickrapi using pip install --user flickrapi which worked. i believe other calls work.

the oddest part is the error 403. i dont know why i have THAT error. i was thinking this could be a result of me using 3 frames in one page, and that pythonanywhere maybe restricts me, but i dont think thats the case because it does run some things for the page, it just breaks at that function.

i can add more context to this if necessary. also I HAVE checked the error log and it doesnt say anything.


I think you're facing the problem that free accounts don't have unrestricted Internet access. This is because some people were trying to use PA for Bad Things (TM). If you ask the developers nicely, they'll probably open up flickr for you. Or you could pay them $5/month :-)

hm... i thought that might be the case. anyway, i'll just pay the extra money. not like $5 is asking for much!

that seems to have done the trick!