Websocket using django channels

Hey guys, I 'm using

Custom command seems to have been integrated ok, as my error log contains the same output I get on localhost...

2016-02-23 20:40:36,646 :Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2016-02-23 20:45:49,341 :Resetting dropped connection:
2016-02-23 20:45:49,343 :Starting new HTTPS connection (2):

Alas, I get the following error when I load the page Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at wss://

socket = new WebSocket("wss://"),

I tried both wss and ws. More specifically

http, ws -> same error

http, wss -> same error

https, wss -> same error

https, ws -> error changes (SecurityError: The operation is insecure.)

You can check it out yourselves at :

Am I missing anything? Cheers!

Hi mitsest,

Unfortunately we don't support web sockets at the moment.


Ah, I see. Any plans for websocket support then? :)

Thanks for the fast reply

We do want to support it, but no concrete plans as of yet :(

do you know of any other hosting services that would support it thanks

You should probably do your own research for that.


Heh it's like asking a mcdonalds employee where to buy a whopper ;)

i hate websocket

Just spotted this topic, still no concrete plans for django-channels support? Also, I wonder how far can I go (as a user) in my virtual environment: can I try to install asgi/redis/daphne in my shell and try to make my own custom support for a little websocket-based app? Just trying my best to stay on pythonanywhere :-)

no concrete plans for web socket support yet. you can however try to use some third party services like pusher, pubnub etc with pythonanywhere to get a sockets solution working.

you can install redis-lite but not actual redis. not sure about the other ones.

Tell me, are you already supporting webconets?

I have a chatbot project written on a python in django, I'm trying to deploy it on your server, but I'm getting : WebSocket connection to 'ws: //' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

Nope- again, no plans for web sockets yet, but using third party services like pusher/pubnub together with PythonAnywhere will give you a websocket solution that should work.

do you support django-channels now?

No, not yet.

And do you support them now?

No, not yet.

Do you support it now?

DonĀ“t stay behind guys. Come on!

We're working towards it, but it is a very large change so it's not something we can do quickly.

still not supporting?

It's still on the list. We'll add something here when it is supported.

sorry i need channels

Do you support it now?

No, not yet.

How about now?


Dear M.Conrad pythonanywhere supports web sockets at the moment?

Hi @xhome, nothing's changed.

Please we want websockets!

Noted. Thanks.