Websocket using django channels

Hey guys, I 'm using

Custom command seems to have been integrated ok, as my error log contains the same output I get on localhost...

2016-02-23 20:40:36,646 :Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2016-02-23 20:45:49,341 :Resetting dropped connection:
2016-02-23 20:45:49,343 :Starting new HTTPS connection (2):

Alas, I get the following error when I load the page Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at wss://

socket = new WebSocket("wss://"),

I tried both wss and ws. More specifically

http, ws -> same error

http, wss -> same error

https, wss -> same error

https, ws -> error changes (SecurityError: The operation is insecure.)

You can check it out yourselves at :

Am I missing anything? Cheers!

Hi mitsest,

Unfortunately we don't support web sockets at the moment.


Ah, I see. Any plans for websocket support then? :)

Thanks for the fast reply

We do want to support it, but no concrete plans as of yet :(

do you know of any other hosting services that would support it thanks

You should probably do your own research for that.


Heh it's like asking a mcdonalds employee where to buy a whopper ;)

i hate websocket

Just spotted this topic, still no concrete plans for django-channels support? Also, I wonder how far can I go (as a user) in my virtual environment: can I try to install asgi/redis/daphne in my shell and try to make my own custom support for a little websocket-based app? Just trying my best to stay on pythonanywhere :-)

no concrete plans for web socket support yet. you can however try to use some third party services like pusher, pubnub etc with pythonanywhere to get a sockets solution working.

you can install redis-lite but not actual redis. not sure about the other ones.

Tell me, are you already supporting webconets?

I have a chatbot project written on a python in django, I'm trying to deploy it on your server, but I'm getting : WebSocket connection to 'ws: //' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

Nope- again, no plans for web sockets yet, but using third party services like pusher/pubnub together with PythonAnywhere will give you a websocket solution that should work.