libpng and matplotlib problems for ipython notebook

Hi there,

I was trying to use ipython notebook . I installed all the dependency libraries. However, I cannot use either the "--pylab=inline" option when launching ipython or "savefig" function in the Ipython console. When I tried to do either of them, an error message was returned "RuntimeError: Could not create write struct" resulting from execution of matplotlib. Also, a warning from the notebookApp prompt said "libpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.2.41 but running with 1.5.13".

However, I installed the newest libpng, uninstalled matplotlib with pip uninstall and reinstalled matplotlib with pip install (and during the build process, I can see that libpng1.5.13 is used for the building of matplotlib).

The configuration for my system is Mac OS X10.6, python2.7. Anybody has similar experience or some suggestiongs?



Hi Jie -- just to be clear -- are you trying to run IPython notebook on PythonAnywhere? It doesn't work here yet, there's some work we need to do first.