Can't logjn due to forced incorrect login attempts from PA IP

I need to know a way to my script login to a site from a different ip address off this site, as the current ip, is being used to force incorrect logins, making it impossible for my script to actually login to the site.

If you can help that would be great

You could look into using a proxy service?

ya i could, but im hosting my script off here, and it will not login due to what i explained. so if i could find away to trick the site into thinking my script is comming from a different ip but yet off this host for net speed, then it would be nice

Right. You could use a proxy service, but still run you script from PythonAnwhere. You'd need to find a good, fast proxy service - the good ones, you tend to need to pay for. Then you'll have research how to configure things so that your scripts on PythonAnywhere go via the proxy service. The proxy service should have instructions, or maybe google - most likely it will need you to set an environment variable like http_proxy.

@xxsl1kxx: To add to the above, you simply can't "fake" your IP address when communicating with another host, all you can do is redirect the connection through an intermediate third party. With the correct privileges on the system you can send out an IP packet with a different source address, but the other end will send replies back to that incorrect address so you'll never see them. Because HTTP runs on top of TCP, and that relies on getting these replies, then it just won't work.

In principle if you're using a connectionless protocol like UDP then you can lie about your source address, but it's a really underhanded thing to do and may be regarded as an attack of some sort by other sites.

oh shit, well its all good now i no longer need what i was looking for