Problem with Domain Setup

I want to setup an application for the domain It should work with and without entering www:

I added for a new crecord with host www and points to "" as I understood. In addition I changed the existing arecord with host @ and points to what is the ip of "". Using the ip is not great but had no other idea on my own.

I can see now my page typing as expected. Typing I can see the pythonanywhere Coming Soon page instead of mine. No idea what is wrong...

Great to get some advice how to to it right / better.

Thx a lot in advance. Frank

Hi there, you'll need to set up a separate web app for the naked domain and for the www. domain. See the instructions on naked domains here

"Use an A record for and a CNAME for The A record has to be an IP address -- use the one associated with the value that the "Web" tab tells you to use for your CNAME. This is a much worse solution, but if you can't set up the redirection service then it might be the only way."

This is exact what I did.Nevertheless the conent appearing is different. If I use "www" I can see content provided by pythonanywhere and not me. What goes there wrong?

Thx frank

Like I say Frank, you need to set up two different web app entries on your web tab. one for the www. domain and one for the naked domain.