How may web applications can be hosted simultaneously on a payed PythonAnywhere account

Like the topic already says i am planning to run my web applications on PA. The big question is how many web applications can run simultaneously on a payed PythonAnywhere account. The pricing plan says "Run your own web applications" - since they are writing in majority i suggest it is possible to run more than a single web application under one account.

If you structure your applications well, it's pretty easy to have a top-level "routing" application which delegates to as many other apps as you like. Many of the frameworks have features which make this even simpler.

I believe there is a plan coming that allows multiple apps on multiple domains. But you'll have to ask the developers...

AlexanderRuf asked us via email as well -- I think it's worth me reposting my response here just in case anyone else is wondering!

Here's what the different accounts offer:

  • "Junior" and "Premium" accounts: one web application, hosted at
  • "Hosting" accounts: currently, one web application, hosted at and also at your own domain. This will soon change so that you can have two different applications.
  • "Pro" accounts: when these are done, you can have up to eleven different web applications: one at, and one on each of up to ten domains.

Our prices do not include the cost of buying the domains, you buy them elsewhere and then set up CNAMEs so that they point to to, then our servers handle separating everything out so that the right requests go to the right one of your web applications.