Always on tasks console is not allowing command line inputs

Hi, i am trying to run a python script in Always On Tasks and its kind of telegram bot script that uses telegram API and for the authentication part it needs to save the session once by taking the top on the registered number. This part of asking the registered number comes in the console of the always-on task but i am not able to insert anything in that.

kindly share if there is any solution for the same or should i put a different input method for the same?

There's no way to add command line inputs while you're running an always-on task.

is there any other way where i can setup the entire thing and then schedule the always run task with a command using internal console?

Sure. You could, for example, have the always on task look for a file and, if the file is present, it could do it's thing and maybe delete the file when it's done. Then, in a console, you could create the file.