Recommended way to monitor when site goes down

Hi, What is the ideal way to monitor my site (and have an email sent to me) when my site fails (e.g. shows a 500)? There seem to be come sites like UptimeRobot which can do this, but I wanted to know if pythonanywhere has an internal facility to alert a site owner when it goes down.

No, we do not have an internal facility for that.

Generally if you want to monitor a site you should look to a service that is completely independent.

@payg thanks for the suggestion! (@ragunyrasta You could start with creating an account on our EU servers and set up an action there...)

Hi @pafk: Not sure I understand your suggestion. Could you please elaborate? I have an account already running a site. How do I set up this action there?

@ragunyrasta You have a PA account registered in We have a EU branch, too, at The systems are separate infrastructure-wise, so you could deploy a code on the EU account to monitor your main account.