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Hi folks!

I am a complete noob. I am trying to get the official django 1.9 tutorial up and running here but can't get past PART-1. I am trying to do this with a mysql database and not the default sqlite. The error that I am getting on the webpage is as follows:

Page not found (404)
Request Method: GET
Request URL:
Using the URLconf defined in mysite.urls, Django tried these URL patterns, in this order:
The current URL, , didn't match any of these.

I suppose that this is a case of wrong inputs in the files. I have set up the polls/ and mysite/ exactly as indicated in the tutorial. So, what am I missing here?

Hi there,

The error message is trying to giv e you the answer -- it's saying that your urls are only defined for /admin/ and for /polls/, but you asked for "" -- nothing, or the root URL, which is the same as just /, and you haven't defined a urls entry for that yet.

Try visiting or

Thanks! Resolved.

This was really helpful. Could this be added as a "note" to the tutorial?

We can't really add a note for every thing that someone could miss in the tutorial, because then the tutorial itself would just be swamped with notes.