Application path not found

I followed the Django Web Framework (Python) tutorial at MDN which suggested this website. I then deleted the LocalLibrary application they suggested there to create a similar one.

The current application works, but when I click the website link from Web page after clicking the Reload button, I am sent to this page even though Debug is set to DEBUG = os.environ.get('DJANGO_DEBUG', '') != 'False'.

Incorrect home page

The file is as shown:

The following are the errors I am currently receiving:

Error log

What should I do now?

It looks like it could be an issue with static files mappings.

@pafk My static files mappings look like this: "{% static 'assets/css/styles.css %}" which worked with the previous django_local_library project. The styles.css file is inside a css folder which is inside the static folder's assets folder, i.e. static -> assets -> css -> styles.css. The previous django_local_library project setup was static -> css -> styles.css with a static files mapping as follows: "{% static 'css/styles.css %}". I also tried doing it without the assets folder, but got the same response. What could be the problem?

I am still getting this error: Not Found: /catalog/. catalog was the name of the django_local_library project's main application, but there is no reference of it in the new project: django-application which has a main project called djangoapplication.

@pafk Thanks for the help. I found out that the problem was the browser was storing the previous url in cache for the redirect. This StackOverflow answer helped me find this out: ERROR 404 Django project has a wrong current path. StackOverflow. (Accessed 14 May 2024)

Glad you figured that out!