MySQL interpreter stuck

I'm seeing multiple threads about this but never an actual solution, just a message saying it may be an issue with the server. Ive been waiting about 20 minutes and still stuck at loading the interpreter. Is this common?

Hi. I'm having the same issue.

Hi, how long was it stuck for? Is it working now?

Hi... it's still happening. I noticed it a couple of days ago.

Could you provide us with more details? How did you start the interpreter on PythonAnywhere?

Hi , I am having the same issue now. From the databases tab in the main control panel I selected "Click a database's name to start a MySQL console logged in to it." Still waiting after 10 minutes

What appears in the MySQL console -- is it just blank, or are you seeing any kind of messages appearing?

In the console, (Mysql console), appears this messages:

Loading console... Preparing execution environment... OK Main screen turn on... OK Loading Mysql interpreter...

And just that, nothing more happen...


For me the MySQL console finally opened after approx 12 minutes. As mentioned above there was no screen output after "Loading MySql interpreter". During this period the actual database was responding ok when accessed via my Flask App API

It looks like your databases (@homer72, @sijoga and @JimWaters) are all on the same busy server, we'll have a look at this issue.