Occasional very slow response times

Wondering if anyone can help with this but recently, we have from time to time been experiencing issues with particularly slow response times. i.e. hitting a login page and having it take 15seconds when typically, it should take well under half a second. There is no obvious rhyme or reason to when this will happen but it will last for a period maybe 15 minutes of these slow responses and then it will return to full speed.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? It is a Django Web App if that helps, with a paid python anywhere account with plenty of CPU left and 4 workers. Added more to see if this would help but it does not seem to have made a difference.

Access Log shows the slow response times but does not show lots of people accessing at the same time. Error Log does not show anything at the times of the issue. Server Log sometimes but not always at the time of error shows the below?

2024-02-11 10:50:49 Sun Feb 11 10:50:49 2024 - SIGPIPE: writing to a closed pipe/socket/fd (probably the client disconnected) on request /accounts/login/ (ip !!! 2024-02-11 10:50:49 Sun Feb 11 10:50:49 2024 - uwsgi_response_write_headers_do(): Broken pipe [core/writer.c line 248] during POST /accounts/login/ (

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated. I have been trying to track this down for days.


We have some hints collected here: