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I did reply to the following email. My emails are never received. Can someone please check your spam filter and see if my emails are getting blocked. This is getting really frustrating that I can't email support. I do not want to renew this account but I have several others and I'd like to be able to email support rather than post forum topics to communicate with

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Your subscription expires today and we have not heard from you. Do you still want to continue your subscription? If not, that's fine, we'll just downgrade your account in a week.

Thanks Filip

On 11/4/23 13:56, Piotr Kaznowski wrote:


Thanks for being a PythonAnywhere customer! Your annual subscription for your account "bchristensen" is going to expire on 2023-11-18.

Would you like to renew for another year?

We can offer you the same discount, US$50.00 for the year.

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We do not have it in spam. Try to use different email address.